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Developer Mailing List

18. 09. 2007 by Ted Kulp
Development discussion for CMS Made Simple is still sort of scattered. Generally, the devs hang out in IRC and bounce ideas off of each other. Easy enough. However, if everyone isn't around and it's one of those ideas or decisions that really needs some conversation to flesh out, it usually drags out for days in a series of "@later tell" conversations. Again, using git as a bit of a guinea pig, I'm interested in their development model. Development discussion is focused into one mailing list. New ideas are sparked up, patches are constantly submitted and critiqued, and all in all it seems very productive. My idea is to make something similar for development. Sure, quick ideas will probably be asked, agreed upon and committed in IRC before anyone could even open up an email client... but that's not really the point. The point is to have a place for the long conversations, the fleshing out of ideas, and contribution by other people. There is another motivation as well. In my quest to de-centralize the CMSMS development model, this gives a perfect place for people outside of our "inner circle" (read: commit access) to contribute their patches. Using either svn or preferably git (read this for more information on that), patches can be submitted directly to the mailing list and VERY easily discussed, critiqued, and rolled in. It allows the community at large to handle patches instead of getting emailed to individual people and forgotten about. This is also a place for people to suggest features, but to a certain extent. Prepare for constructive criticism or asked to please submit a patch. Though, don't worry, the tone will never get nasty... it's just not the way we roll. Mailing list information lives here and anyone is welcome to sign up. However, keep in mind that this is a focused mailing list. If you contribute to low signal to noise ratio, you will have your posting privileges revoked. As a side note, I've moved the announcements mailing list over to mailman as well. Anyone that was subscribed was re-subscribed to the new list and properly spammed with the information. ;) Sorry about that. At least they should work again, as I believe they were broken in the server move several months ago.

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