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22. 04. 2017 by mr101010
Today we announce the release of cmsms-2.2-beta3. The third, and hopefully last beta before the final release of the much-anticipated 2.2 version.
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16. 03. 2017 by mr101010
It's been about a week, and a large handful of significant bugs have been found—and squashed—in the first beta of CMSMS 2.2. Due to the nature of these bugs we felt it was a good time to push ahead with a second beta.
Category:Releases  General                      
09. 03. 2017 by mr101010
Announcing the start of beta testing for CMS Made Simple version 2.2
After more than a year of development and many hundreds of volunteer hours, the CMSMS Dev Team is proud to announce the beginning of a public beta process to assist with getting CMSMS 2.2 production-ready.
Category:Releases  General                      
26. 12. 2016 by mr101010
Well... since it is near the end of the year, and because of late a lot of great work has been happening, we thought we would take this time to let you know what's happening with your favorite Content Management System.
Category:General  Announcements                      
10. 12. 2016 by mr101010
Today we are happy to announce the latest release in the continuing life of your favorite content management system. Version 2.1.6 is an important release combining numerous stability fixes, and an important security fix as well. Therefore, we encourage everybody to upgrade their websites at their earliest convenience.
Category:Releases  General                      
14. 09. 2016 by scotch33
If you are coming to join us for GeekMoot on the 19th, 20th and 21st October, you'll be coming to one of the UK's most historic cities.  As a little taster of some of the great things you can do as well as the GeekMoot conference, we thought we'd give you a run down of the top ten things we'll be doing if we can find the time...
Category:Announcements  Events  General                      
14. 08. 2016 by mr101010
Today we would like to announce the release of CMS Made Simple version 2.1.5 - High Rock. This is a stability release fixing a number of issues that have surfaced over the past two months. Though none of the issues are show stoppers, there are issues that generally affect the usability of CMSMS. Therefore, we recommend that everybody upgrade their websites as soon as possible.
Category:General  Releases                      
11. 08. 2016 by scotch33
We're delighted to tell you that more details for the pre-conference training day are now available. Running across two rooms, we have a great program for developers and an equally interesting program for site owners.  Here’s some more info:
Category:Events  General                      
01. 07. 2016 by Robert Campbell
After the position sat largely vacant for about a year, in the beginning of June the Dev Team voted Matt Hornsby to be the new Project Manager for CMS Made Simple.
Category:Announcements  General                      
01. 07. 2016 by scotch33
We're delighted to announce the GeekMoot 2016 Schedule is live.  Pop over to http://geekmoot.com/conference-schedule to see more.
Category:General  Events  Geek  Announcements                      
04. 06. 2016 by mr101010
Thanks to detailed bug reports, along with steps to reproduce and an environment for testing, we have solved a significant issue with the Installation Assistant on hosts with suhosin installed.
Category:General  Releases                      
03. 06. 2016 by mr101010
This is just a friendly reminder about the status of CMSMS 1.x. When CMSMS 2.0 was released on September 6, 2015, we announced that we would support the 1.x series for critical bugs and security issues for one calendar year. That end of life date is soon approaching.
Category:Events  General                      
16. 04. 2016 by Robert Campbell
Today we are announcing another maintenance and security release for the 2.x series of CMS Made Simple. This release comprises the security fixes released in 1.12.2 as well as numerous other fixes. We recommend you upgrade your websites to 2.1.3 at your earliest convenience.
13. 04. 2016 by scotch33
Geekmoot grows closer! With less than a month before early-bird tickets are no longer availablee, we thought we'd give you a taster of some of the exciting presentations that are in the offing.
Category:Announcements  Geek  Community  Events  General                      
28. 03. 2016 by Robert Campbell
Today we are announcing CMS Made Simple 1.12.2, a release primarily addressing a security concern.
Category:Releases  General                      
03. 02. 2016 by mr101010
Today we are announcing the release of CMS Made Simple 2.1.2 "Andros Town". A mixed bag of bug fixes, minor feature improvements and security updates.
Category:General  Releases                      

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