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26. 03. 2015 by JoMorg

Often I find topics on the forum where people inquire about finding professional templates specifically made for CMS Made Simple. Almost as often there are also critical voices, usually amongst the replies to those topics, saying that CMSMS needs more templates, both freely and commercially available. In my point of view CMSMS has the largest repository of templates in the internet.

20. 02. 2015 by Robert Campbell
Important Security Release
Although we had not planned on releasing a new version of CMSMS for a while yet, a few security vulnerabilities (some that were reported to us, others that we found ourselves) have forced our hand.
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19. 02. 2015 by scotch33

As I sit writing this article, I’m thinking about the jobs that I have on at the moment.  There are quite a few.  I can honestly say that around 50% of them would not be mine (or at least not in the way they are being done) without previous GeekMoots.  In those previous GeekMoots I have found customers, forged and solidified relationships with suppliers, plus I have learned a great deal about CMSMS on the way.  Oh, and I joined the Dev team!

Geekmoot is a fun weekend attended by serious people.  For most attendees it will at least mean travelling over one border.  For many it will mean a long journey through sea and air to get to Ghent.  People don’t come to GeekMoot on a whim.  People come to get something serious out of it.

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10. 01. 2015 by Robert Campbell
Today, after a great deal of effort in development and testing, we are pleased to announce the third—and hopefully final—beta of CMS Made Simple 2.0.
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10. 01. 2015 by Robert Campbell
Today, we would like to announce the latest release in the 1.11.x series of your favourite Content Management System. This is largely a maintenance release—we have solved many nagging little problems to improve the general usability and stability of CMSMS.
Category:General  Releases                      
09. 08. 2014 by Robert Campbell
As part of our commitment to maintain the 1.11.x series of CMS Made Simple during the development of 2.0, the Dev Team is pleased to announce this maintenance release.
Category:General  Releases                      
09. 08. 2014 by Robert Campbell
Many of the improvements for beta2 involve fixes to issues which may have prevented you from installing beta1. If you weren't able to test beta1, please give beta2 a try and let us know how it goes. We have fixed a great deal of the critical issues with the core code, and released an un-packaged versionof the installation assistant for those few cases where your system is not compatible with phar packages.
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18. 05. 2014 by mr101010

After a great deal of effort we are finally here. The CMSMS Dev team is pleased to announce the release of CMSMS 2.0-beta1.

CMSMS 2.0 is a significant renewal of our favourite content management system. A large amount of the functionality has undergone re-factoring, rewriting, or re-thinking with the intent of increasing both the simplicity and power we have become accustomed to when building websites.

Some of the highlights include:

  • - A completely new Content Management module (CMSContentManager)
  • - An entire re-think as to how templates and stylesheets are managed (DesignManager)
  • - A new module for building navigations (Navigator)
  • - A new admin search module (AdminSearch)
  • - A brand spanking new installation/upgrade/freshen mechanism
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01. 02. 2014 by mr101010
An important security and update release for the 1.x series of CMS Made Simple we encourage everybody to upgrade their websites as soon as possible.
17. 01. 2014 by scotch33

We, the dev team, have made a great deal of progress since our last announcement, and are looking forward to going into Beta testing, more of which below. Before discussing that, however, here is a roundup of some of the recent progress made.

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11. 10. 2013 by Robert Campbell
The Dev Team is happy to tell you that CMSMS 2.0 is still in very active development. A number of people are working on it. To toot our own horns just a little bit, it is looking great! There are lots of new features and performance improvements. Almost everything has been touched in some way--most of it major. New features include new design management tools, new content management module, content locking, admin search, and more...
28. 09. 2013 by Robert Campbell
Today we are happy to announce the release of CMS Made Simple 1.11.9 Bartolome—the latest stable release of your favourite content management system. The last release of CMSMS was only a couple of weeks ago, and, normally, we do not like to release versions of CMSMS so quickly. However, there was a problem with the 1.11.8 release that we did not detect until a few days after release, and since there were a few bugs with respect to this release that were worth fixing we thought it better to fix the code and call the release 1.11.9.
Category:General  Releases                      
09. 09. 2013 by mr101010
The CMSMS Dev team is happy to announce the latest release in the 1.11.x series. This release brings a few minor features, some performance improvements, documentation improvements, a Smarty upgrade, and a number of bug fixes (including a minor security issue). There is something for everybody in this release; everyone is encouraged to upgrade their websites as soon as possible.
Category:General  Releases                      
25. 05. 2013 by mr101010
CMSMS 1.11.7 - Genovesa is a security release, fixing important vulnerabilities. All users are advised to upgrade as soon as possible.
Category:Releases  General                      
19. 04. 2013 by mr101010
This release fixes security vulnerabilities in the package and a few significant bugs. We recommend you upgrade your websites as soon as possible.
Category:Releases  General                      
25. 03. 2013 by scotch33

After a number of successful years in Europe, geekmoot, the CMSMS user conference, is coming to America.  We need to make some decisions about how and when, and you can help.   Simply fill in our survey at www.geekmoot.com

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