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August 12th, 2009

2009 Geek Moot Donation Drive

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The developers of CMS Made Simple need your help! Below is a copy of a blog post from July 31st, 2009. The August 10th deadline has passed and we did not reach our goal. Please help if you can. This is a great chance for our developers to work together and set the pace for the upcoming year's progress. Please remember every last bit helps. The size of the donation does not matter, but please try to give generously. If you know of anyone that is looking to advertise their services, there is a great advertising incentive with this drive as well! Please be patient as the list may not be updated daily while Ted is on holiday.

Like Ted, I think we can still meet this goal. Thank you to those that have contributed and those that plan to do so!!!

It’s that time of year again. In order to fund some of the developers travel to Geek Moot 2009, we’re going to require a bit of supplemental income. We’re looking to fund 2 developers coming over from North America as well as the remainder of the deposit for the event space.

As with the last 2 years, we’re going to open up for help from the community. The goal this year is kind of big, but I’m hopeful that we can pull it off.

We’re looking to raise $2,000 by August 10th. This will be for 2 plane tickets, some travel expenses and the remainder (about $600) going to the event space. Donators will be added to this post on a daily basis and moved over to the donations list on the main site. We will, of course, keep a running tally of donations and give a big congrats if and when the goal is reached.

Furthermore, the largest donation will get a free banner ad on our sites for 2 months. This is, of course, if they have something to advertise. If not, then we’ll try and come up with something else to show our thanks.

I think we can pull this off. Prove me right, folks!


To make a donation, click the Paypal link: See original post for link

To signup for Geek Moot 2009, visit geekmoot.com.

Original Blog Post

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