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Announcing CMSMS 1.11.4 - Fernandina

Hello Everybody.

The CMS Made Simple Dev team is happy to announce another maintenance release in the 1.11.x series. CMSMS 1.11.4 is now available for download. Our focus has been on stability and removing problems. Particularly of note are issues we have fixed with respect to the new parsing mechanism we have instituted with respect to content page templates.

Numerous users encountered problems when editing content pages or page templates with some syntax. i.e: syntax that addressed the {$content_obj} variable, or other objects or arrays of Smarty objects, etc. The Smarty parser should now handle most of that syntax properly. We also fixed problems with the {cms_stylesheet} and other plugins with respect to Smarty caching.

User defined tags are once again enabled in the admin interface. This solve problems our users encountered when using user defined tags in stylesheets, and in some admin templates. For performance reasons however we wish that this was not required.

We fixed a significant issue with the static route creation mechanism that may have effected the installation of CMSMS and definitely effected installation of modules that used static routes to allow for lazy loading.

Additionally, there were numerous fixes to file manager and image manager with respect to remembering directories, advanced mode, and deleting images. We also made changes to the behavior of CMSMS when using secure pages. This should significantly reduce, or eliminate, problems related to content being blocked due to requesting insecure content in a secure page—whether that be a content page, or an admin page.

Some people also reported a particular slowness when installing CMSMS in Windows environments due to some tables being created in the InnoDB format rather than the MyISAM format. Though technically not a CMSMS issue, we have now made modifications so that, by default, all tables are created in MyISAM format for new installations.

We also performed some cleanup of minor issues, including handling of email fields when adding or editing an admin user, cleaning up an internal page variable, removing all references to the Wiki URL config entry (this is no longer valid since we removed the Wiki).

For a more precise list of the changes please read the doc/CHANGELOG.txt file that is included with the release.

Once again, it is our intent that this be the last release of the 1.11.x series so that we can focus on new development. We remind everybody that the 1.11.x series of CMS Made Simple will be the last release that supports PHP 5.2.x. We recommend everybody contact their hosts to at least enable PHP 5.3 as soon as possible.

The members of the development team and the community at large have donated hundreds of hours towards reproducing, fixing, and testing this release with the intent that it fix as many of the known issues as possible. Please give them your thanks.

As of this release, and due to our limited support resources, the only officially supported versions of CMSMS become 1.11.3 and 1.11.4 respectively. We encourage everybody to upgrade their websites as soon as possible.

Have fun with CMSMS

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