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New Poll wrt Your Mult-Language Website Needs

November 27, 2011

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Please tell CMSMS about your needs wrt Multi-Language Websites at: http://forum.cmsmadesimple.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=58214

The 'multi-lang' question has frequently been a heated debate in the CMSMS user community. There are and have been numerous solutions for implementing multi-language websites in CMSMS. These range from an unauthorized (and discontinued) fork of CMSMS to add-on modules, to several 'how-to' guides that illustrate multi-lang solutions without added modules or core modifications. Particularly however, the multi-lang debate is about how many people need a multilang solution. What percentage of the CMSMS target audience need to develop multi-language websites as a regular portion of their work? This statistic just doesn't exist. Until now we've used ad-hoc methods of estimating demand based on downloads of the various multi-lang solutions vs. downloads of CMSMS.

So to answer this important question, we've put together a very simple poll. Only 3 options. So that we can attempt to gather as clean and accurate of a statistic as possible.

Because this has historically been a hot debate in the CMSMS community, and in order to keep the topic professional and the statistics as accurate as possible, The following rules will be enforced:

  1. Only community members with 10 or more posts in the CMSMS forums will be able to vote.
  2. Members can only vote once on the topic. Vote changing will not be permitted. So vote carefully.
  3. Comments on this poll, or about this topic in general will be heavily moderated so that we can keep the communication as professional as possible.
  4. The poll will run for 30 days, after which the entire topic will be locked. The CMSMS Dev team will then discuss the results of this poll and consider what it means to us.

Even if a large percentage of users state the need for multi-language capabilities, this will not in any way indicate that CMSMS will put multi-language capabilities in the core. However it may mean altering our priorities so that we take various steps to make creating multi-lang websites in CMSMS 'Simpler'

Please take a few seconds and vote on the poll here

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