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Announcing CMS Made Simple v1.9.4 - Faanui

Saturday 5th March 2011

Your CMSMS Dev team is once again proud to announce the release of yet another version of CMSMS. This is primarily a bug fix release. We've tackled some of the important issues that remained from CMSMS 1.9.3 including supporting newer versions of MySQL, and miscelaneous caching issues.
We've also implemented a few minor performance improvements that should result in a minor performance boost for most websites.

Again, we hope that this will be the last release in the 1.9 series as we are already formulating plans for the next feature release of CMSMS to hopefully be released this summer.
The dev team has spent many hours setting up, testing, fixing, and testing fixes on this release. The Q/A team specifically has spent alot of time going through everything with different browsers, on different operating systems, on different databases with different user account setups. This is work they usually don't have to do, so everybody should give them special appreciation.
As well, with this update we made extra effort to prod our translators to ensure that everything is up to date. Hopefully this helps with some of the nagging 'documentation not accurate' problems for the various languages.

Note: Those people that are still running a version of CMSMS 1.9.3 or earlier that was installed using MySQL 5.5.x will probably have to re-install. This is probably only related to windows hosts, and most of you have probably already downgraded MySQL. But we just thought we'd put it out there.

Special Thanks to:

  • Rolf
  • RonnyK
  • ReneH
  • DrCss
  • and the rest of the CMSMS Dev Team.


* As of this release only CMSMS 1.9.3 and CMSMS 1.9.4 are supported by the development team and in the 'official' boards on the forum.
* © 2011 CMS Made Simple - No reproduction, duplication, modification or translation without explicit consent.

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