Please welcome our new hosting partner!

We are happy to introduce HostPapa as our newest hosting partner. Show your support for CMSMS by using our Partners for your hosting requirements.

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Posted: July 22, 2017 by digi3

Our hosting partners, including HostPapa, are vetted by the CMSMS Dev Team to ensure they meet or exceed our installation requirements. When looking for a host, please consider our partners so we can continue working on the CMS you love!


CMS Made Simple Hosting from HostPapa is easily installed on all web hosting accounts in 1-click. HostPapa provides optimized CMS Made Simple Hosting (CMSMS) servers providing our customers a better hosting experience, including faster loading speeds with our optimized CMSMS SSD-cached servers. Get your website up and running using CMSMS in minutes.
HostPapa’s SSD-cached servers are ideal for CMSMS, and our PapaSquad support team is available 24/7/365 to support all CMS Made Simple users with our exclusive one-on-one training sessions, or use our indepth knowledge base full of CMS Made Simple self-help articles to get you up and running fast. CMS Made Simple Hosting from HostPapa - Highly Recommended!

Our Partners: